Saturday, December 6, 2008

My "The Lord's" Boy

I know I have not updated here about my baby is hard for me to say the right thing, my husband is our spiritual leader... not just because he should be...I have seen many ladies spiritually strong...but I am "Oh ye of little faith" I always have been, always have to spend most of my day talking to God and that still small voice telling me to trust, have faith. But my husband is spiritually stronger than I and has been posting about Kendrick at God is so Good by Kendrick. You can read all about him and our daily walk here at Cook's. To be honest i am not a share my feelings person because they usually aren't spiritual feeling, they are usually selfish, "Give boy, his life." I have to be reminded by the Lord, when my heart leads, that Kendrick truely belongs to God. I gave him to Him. many of you where there for the Baby Dedication at Victory Baptist Church. Also many of you were there at Baptist Temple as we dedicated each boy and all future children to the Lord. But you know mommies we tend to try to hold on even when we know they belong to him first and he gifts them to us. I have studied alittle and come to the conclusion...They are our heritage (gift) from the Lord to the Lord. Basicly He gives them to us for us to give them to Him. And as someone said on the Carepage, Kendrick has brought many Christians back to the Lord, closer to the Lord at this time of His Son's birth through the illness of my (the Lord's) little boy. Well those are my feels right now and I hope to help another mom to know our children belong to the Lord, even though as I type this I selfishly hope to hold on as long as I can.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


It is almost 2:30 the nurse just left and I can't get back to sleep just yet. I just wanted to ask you all to pray myself. The dr. from the Cooks ER said the cooks doctors have the CT and they are reading it we will see them tomorrow and begin our plan of action. It is indeed the worst we imagined and we are scared out of our minds. I try to believe "everything will be okay", but I secretly know people mean even if the worst happens. People always comment on how strong I am, but it is God and I am truely not strong, those really close know that. I am not strong enough for the worst. I have always thanked God for not taking my children from me, even though I am wicked. I have no enemies but if I did I would not wish this on them. I know God is in control I was raised to believe it. However it takes on a whole new meaning these days. Even with Cheyenne, I beg God for healing and he answers No or not now, and I beg God yet again. He is on the throne, he is in control "NO MATTER WHAT". "NO MATTER WHAT" "NO MATTER WHAT" Psalm 127:3 tells us that "children are a heritage," meaning they belong to God. He has a destiny and purpose for each of them (Rom. 8:28). Therefore, the privilege of motherhood rests not just in the bearing of children. The true privilege comes from being entrusted with the faithful stewardship of the life-gifts of God, who will one day act as His agents, both now and through eternity (Rev. 5:10; 22:5). "They belong to God" Please pray with us for him and us and our other precious ones. They are all taking it in their own way. Please when you see them tell them you love them, but don't say anything scary. I love each of you as dear family. Good Night

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Homeschooling Fun

Our Animal Cell
Well I am not pretending to know what I am doing but this year is going great. Last year I felt over stressed and over extended. But this year I have down sized my work load and added more fun activities. We are having a ball.

I am learning to let go of the traditional 8 hours at a desk and books idea and embracing the Home in Home school. We have a focused plan for Math, Language Arts, Spelling and Hand writting. Then we branch out and study Science, History, Music, PE, and play learning games in a fun relaxing way.

Here we are in Science, this week we learned about cells. This is us making an animal cell out of jello, and candy. The next day we ate our project.

At this time History is focused on the first Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we will make a tin can turkey with an empty can and construction paper and do a word puzzle for review.

Learning games consist of several computer games I have been given from friends. PE & Music are with done with a home school friend of mine and it gives us much needed adult interaction.
(A side note all my kids are under 5th grade, I am sure we will need more structured science and history come middle school and high school.)
Well that is all I have at this time. I just hoped to help an over stressed mom realize it is okay to relax and have fun with your kids. I have gotten numerous notes from "students" this year saying I love you and I love my teacher, and I am glad you teach me mom. What more could I ask. How many kids get to call dad when they learn to do addition for the first time and I got to see the look on his face as he read his first word. Well I digress, It is clear I am a proud mom.

My Girl

My Princess Baby has had a very busy last 7 days. First we went to Cooks for an MRI on her brain. Still waiting to hear from that doctor. I was going to put a video hear but it wouldn't load.

While Chy was getting her MRI I was out shopping I bought the pillow you see in the next picture and a brclet for each girl. After the MRI she wasn't nearly as happy.

Then this week was much more fun and relaxing. We got our wheelchair and it is about as fancy as the come. Well it has to be to be used by such a high ranking Princess.

Her personal embroidery selection
Color Razzle Berry
(Purple with Sparkles)

She read a book and was looking at everyone and all the new stuff the whole time. She was having a blast. In fact later when we tried to take her out of her new chair she had a fit and right or wrong her Daddy and I loved it.

So we are all set for a trip to Disney World. Hurray!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When it rains it pours!!

It all started with a broken dishwasher. And we got it fixed. Then the refrigerator and we got it fixed. Then the phone and I fixed that. Then the dryer and I fixed that. Then all the kids got sick, some more than once. Then the phone and the Internet and I did all I could, called ATT and they fixed it. Still sick kids. Now there is a whatever the boys dropped in the bathroom sink, it is clogged.


Okay a little dramatic, I guess. I love being a mom, wife, etc, etc, etc.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dryer Maintenance

Okay after calling around and pricing heating elements, several saying I should also have the dryer serviced and the suggestion of a friend. I googled electric dryer maintenance and it was easy. I cleaned out my dryer. All I had to pay for was time and I also learned that my heating element is fine. I feel as though, as a woman, they said that to make $50 an hour plus the parts. I ordered the part and said I could handle the rest. Later, only to learn my heating element is fine. So just a blog to say if it breaks google it and if your dryer is less than 7 years old don't order a heating element unless you know it is cleaned out first.

Here are the steps: (the site recommended you service once a year unless you dry a lot than twice a year)

  1. My dryer takes to long to dry.
  2. Unplug and remove the back
  3. Clean out lent hose and wall vent
  4. On the left hand side (at the back) of dryer is the lent vent (mine is black)
  5. Unscrew and pull open (not off) you have to hold it open
  6. Use free hand and pull out lent and other stuff and Vacuum out
  7. Close replace screws.
  8. Vacuum out the parts of the dryer you see
  9. Wipe with wet cloth (I didn't use soap to be safe)
  10. Allow to dry (it really should not be that wet)
  11. Replace back cover, Hose and plug in
  12. Start dryer for about two minutes
  13. Open the door and feel that heat like when it was new.
  14. Not hot call a repair man or change the heating element yourself. (It's easy, I took mine off and put it back today)

Hope this helps someone

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Top 10: Why I should give to Missions

  1. Because the love of God is shed abroad
  2. With out Faith it is impossible to please God
  3. Because there is an eternal punishment for sin
  4. Because we know there is one mediator between God and Man (the man Jesus Christ)
  5. Because there is only one name by which man must be saved
  6. A lost sinner must hear the call..In order to beieve they must hear...before they can hear they must have a preacher
  7. Because I know I have a command from God
  8. Because I know God will supply all my needs
  9. Becasue I know if I don't it's Sin
  10. Because I know that God will say...Well done thy Good and Faithful Servant

Missions Conference 2008 is going great here at Victory Baptist Church. I thought this would help us all. Tonight was our International Dinner and Devotion before the Faith Promise tommorrow. Bro. David Lott brought this devotion. I hope we are all doing what God wants us to do concerning Missions.

In Prayer for His Will

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Pumpkin Prayer
Cut off the top:
Lord, open my mind and fill me
with your wisdom and guidance.
Scoop out the yuckies:
Lord, take out all my fussies and
frownies and fill me with your love.
Carve out the eyes:
Lord, open my eyes to see
all the beautiful things you have made.
Carve out the nose:
Lord, help me to be a sweet
fragrance for you.
Carve out the mouth:
Lord, help me to always speak
Your words of love and kindness.
Place in a candle:
Lord, let me be a light to others
For you have filled me with Your Light.

Well it is that time again, my favorite time. No air or heat needed here in Texas. You can sit on the porch in the early morning with a hot cappiucino, wrapped in a throw and relax. It all builds up to the Lord's Birthday. Not to mention all the baking and treats everywhere you go, and all the treats we are making at home. We started the holiday season making a mess. We cut out and painted pumpkins. Made roasted pumpkin seeds and look forward to the pumpkin pies (from the little pumpkins) in a few weeks. I hope you are all enjoying the Harvest season.

The boys digging out the yucky stuff

Benjamin yuck!!

Nathaniel and yes he really ate some!!!

Chy loves to paint.

Daddy cuts out the face:)

Christopher loves anything messy!!!

Kendrick handsome and messy!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mommy Crazy Devotion

Well, just a blog about being a mommy. Since our Ruthie came I have been sleeping in, waking at 7 am or even 8 am. All the while, I knew I needed to get up earlier. You know, "she riseth while it is yet night..." Proverbs 31: something

So lately I am feeling a little more energetic, on the days my hubby works nights I stay up till 2 or 3 cleaning up my home, folding clothes and all that. We all know it is better to do things early and sleep at night, Right? Also we have started a ladies Bible study at church, it was great at our first meeting. Their are ladies of all ages. I love to hear our older saints talk about how they also felt overwhelmed as young mothers. Sometimes I think I am the only one, or it is because I have a lot of children but every lady with children raised said they too felt overwhelmed with little ones and housework and church and all. They all also said what made the difference on many days was whether or not they got up with the Lord. Anyway, today is the day. I got up early and my plan of attack was time with the Lord, a little housework, get dressed for the day and wake the kids and start off right. Well I woke up at 5:45, alarm was set at 6, but I figured my body was excited to start our new plan of attack also, so I got up. I no sooner than went to the restroom and # 2 was awake. Then # 3, then # 4, then # 6 started to cry. Okay by know my plan is failing and I am completely frustrated. What went wrong. So, I awaken Allen, "Honey they are all up and I haven't even had my my with the Lord yet. " "Make them go back to bed." "Okay!!" So I sent them all back to bed. (Crying) New plan, have a shower and my time with God; In the shower, no Bible today, just prayer. So I can't hear the crying because I made them go back to bed. So Day One of my plan gone. While I type this three have gone potty, two asked if it is time to get up.

So what is the point, yes time with God is of top importance, but let us remember, we are often taken off track. I took my shower and spent time with God. Right or Wrong?? I think it made me relax, feel better, lose my frustration so my kids can have a good mom today, so Right? We need to remember that our plan will fail, we are human, and time alone with God means "Time alone with God". Even if it has to happen in the shower so you can't hear the crying kids. I mean reality is some days the morning may not be the best time for a devotion that day, and it won't hurt, never has hurt a child to cry for 20 minutes while you pray in the shower, so you can't hear them. And side note: no one was crying when I got out of the shower, they were just waiting to ask me if they could know get up. And I can do my devotion tonight after they go to bed and my hubby goes to work.

Well I know I rambled and not a lot of sense, but maybe I can help a young mom today, though my frustration and regaining of control though God.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christopher Breaks His Arm

His arm, as you can see his wrist and hand are above the rest of his arm.

Well it was a great day and all was going well. We had a 10:30 appointment for Cheyenne in Fort Worth. And just as normal we had a great appointment. I was encouraged by the doctor. He is pleased with Cheyenne and we have started a second medication to help loosen her up. After the appointment. We went to McDonald's for a visit and lunch. We were all there, Mom, Brandi, Taylor, Crissy and all the munchkins. We were having a ball and all the sudden Christopher yells, "I broke my arm, my arm is broken." In true form of a mom with 6 kids, I lazily said, "Let me see." All the while thinking kids are so dramatic. It only took one glance to see it was broken, I became sick immediately at the sight of my baby's arm flapping around. I yelled, Mom said "let me see." Again in a true mom of 6 way. I just handed his arm to her. Then she saw. She grabbed Christopher and we were off. I was running around gathering my brood and my mom was yelling let's go. I was thinking I am I have 6 kids to gather. It never dawned on me Brandi, Taylor and Crissy could get them. I was in full panic mode. Once reminded they could handle it, we ran out the door and drove as fast as possible to the hospital (we had our flashers on).
Both Christopher and I were crying off and on (he was actually stronger than I), and my mom trying not to cry and drive. We pulled up and they came out to get Christopher. I love how the people at Cooks are always so strong and calm. I love that I feel comfortable knowing "kids are what they do", they fix kids daily and I can trust them.
Before morphine, see the pain in those eyes.

After morphine, so adorable. It was a reminder he is a baby.

Chris and Memaw waiting for doctors.

Well we went right back, had x-rays and the doctors made sure no skin was broken. He broke the two bones in his right arm. It is right behind the growth plate, which it is really awesome that he didn't break the growth plate. He was so unbelievably strong and brave. We had called daddy from the car and he was on his way immediately. He came in and made us all feel a little better, just being there. We went up stairs to minor surgery area. He was given medicine to make him sleep, another to dry his mouth so he wouldn't choke while sleeping, and a medicine so he wouldn't remember the procedure. No pins, or major surgery was needed. They just moved it back in place. The x-rays before the procedure were very scary for a mom, but the x-rays after looked like a normal arm with a crack or something. He has been in pain some but comfortable with the medicine they sent home. He is mostly upset over the fact that he can't play right now, which is the hardest part for a 9 year old.

Daddy and Chris in recovery.
In recovery he was seeing double and wishing this had not happened. But he was not in pain.
I awoke last night and finally thought of something to thank God for in this, "He didn't hit his head." When I think about how he must have fallen it easily could have been his head that hit the bottom step. Also there are a lot of parents who have kids that didn't leave Cook's that day and other who have kids who will leave with major illnesses. So out of all we can always thank God for something, even it if it does take a few days for our flesh to remember something. Thank you all for your prayers. I will keep you all posted on how things go at our next appointment.

He looks a little dopey because of the medicine, but here we are on our way home. He got this new shirt because mommy and memaw asked them to cut off his other shirt to prevent more pain.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Casey is Home from Iraq

I am so very excited. My brother is finally back on American soil. Even though he is stationed in Kentucky at least it is America. He is on leave right now. He started out at my sister's in Ohio, then headed home to see Mom. He came to our house this week. The week started off with a bang. His car broke down. Thank God we have a great man in our church we can trust to do a good job. The rest of the week went super. Tuesday he arrived and with the car and all we just relaxed. Wednesday we headed out to see The Train Museum, it was a blast.

Casey on the Train out West.

Of course my boys have always loved Uncle Casey so they are having the time of their little lives. After Allen got off, we went to The Range. Very exciting. I really wouldn't have thought so. I mean really those of you who know me, know better. But Casey wanted me to try and I really am trying to break out of my box. So...
And ladies if you are wondering, yes, it hurts when the gun kicks back. They said it might and it did. My arm hurt a lot, and left a tiny little bruise. I'll live and would do it again to have the fun of doing something new.

Casey he's a natural.

Allen and Casey are still boys at heart they were having so much fun. All the boys shot their BB gun. It was a real fun time. I won't add those pics because there are so many.
That night was church, Pastor thanked Casey for serving our Country and everyone stood and applauded him. There I stood the proudest sister ever. You have no idea what it is like to have Casey as your brother. He is compassionate, giving, shy, never brags on himself. Even when he talks of Iraq. He doesn't know why people are applauding him. "I really didn't do much." I am like what are you nuts. Unbelievable!! How can someone not see how great a thing they did. He is pretty great but then I am a little bias. I hope my boys have some of that compassion when they grow up.

Then Thursday we had a full day. First we headed to the Fort Sill Museums

Note to All parents... Take your kids to see this stuff, it is a real part of history. Check out your city and find out why it has it's name. Look for free museums about old jails, forts and all. My children love it and I'll bet yours will too, it beats a movie every time. When they look at me and say is this real...I love how their eyes light up when I say yes all this really happened. Some soldier, just like Uncle Casey, really slept here. Geronimo was really in prison here. This is a real plane WWII soldiers flew. Instead of after a movie saying no dinosaurs don't talk and didn't live millions of years ago. But walked with man. Which I plan to show them in Glenrose. Well enough "preaching". What Fun we had!

Then it was off to the Wichita Mountains. We always have fun there, my little rock climbers. Casey has never been and we knew he would like it.

Of Course always the funny guy.

Yet the handsome one too.

Not really sure if he'll ever come back. (HA HA) But we had fun. I miss him already.

P.S. Ruth is walking I know she is only 8 months (My Dad walked at 8 months). She took her first steps Tuesday evening Sept. 23 and Uncle Casey was here to see them. Hurray and Oh no my baby is changing too fast.
But she's not flying....
Oh and "Don't tell Mom", but this is Casey approaching a wild buffalo, and he is not at all afraid. Even though I am begging him to come back. All went well and he made fun of me for worrying.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something Terrible Happened

Okay that is a scary, overwelming title, but I am seriously concerned for our children. Remember when mom's were teaching kids to do the right thing. I mean back when movies were black and white. The used to say dad's teach them to be men and mom's teach them right from wrong, how to be polite and considerate. I get that this was the fifties but have mom's just quit. When did they quit?

Alright, my sister and I went to the movies yesterday. It is a summer movie thing for kids, they show older kid movies at 1.00 a show. So we were really excited, we don't get together much and we looked forward to having fun and taking the kids somewhere.

Here's the scene, the movie theather is pretty packed at 20 minutes till the movie starts, (all women and kids) in walks a mom with three children. (one is in a wheelchair) She begins to look about, this movie theater has about 8 seats made for handicap, all the seats are taken. NOT ONE PERSON IN THE AREA IS HANDICAP !!!! They all see her, they all know she is there, she walks back and forth. The usher asks if anyone will move, NO is the answer. Now I begin to get upset. I take Kendrick potty I come back there she stands by the door. I said casually can't find a seat, I'll ask one of these people to move. She says the usher has asked. So I go to my seat. ( I should have reacted here. ) My sister and I begin to discuss the matter. Then something worse happens she spills her popcorn and is crying. Crying people because when she went to the theater with her children and their are handicap seats and no other handicap children NO ONE WILL MOVE. In fact one lady in the seats said if she wanted good seats she should have gotten here earlier. EARLIER. We have three seats in our row. So we decide to move down give her the seats on the end and carry the wheelchair up. Another mom the moving also, me and one other lady we don't know. She again asks if anyone will move. NO ONE MOVES. OFCOURSE THEY HAVE ALREADY STATED SHE SHOULDS HAVE GOTTEN THEIR EARLIER WITH HER HANDICAP CHILD!!!! These seats a reserved people. RESERVED!!! Do MOM's know what that mean. I mean these weren't dad's (although my hubby would have embrassed someone into moving, I wish I was so brave.) The usher is back she has found seat next door. The usher then says, "Maybe next time you should try to be alittle earlier." OH MY GOD!! WHAT DID SHE SAY? that's right people she didn't make the people move out of the reserved seats she told the mom with a handicap child to get ready faster, get there earlier, sit there longer so she can sit in seats reserved for the handicap. God help America!!! I said "If you park in handicap you get a ticket. You should aleast be made to move if the seats are clearly reserved. My sister decided we will get there early and stand gaurd over the seats. with large signs. I dare a person to try to seat in those seats. My husband has agreed to come stand gaurd and make sure noone tries. To all those WOMEN that's right WOMEN not LADIES (THERE IS A DIFFERENCE) who are teaching your child not to care for anyone but there selffish, self serving brat of a self. GOOD JOB you taught a great lesson yesterday.

What does this sign mean?

I get that this is a rant. But I thought MOM's knew better. I really thought we were above the rest in our standard of how to teach people. Shame, Shame and woe to us.

Upset with Selffish Moms,


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our Boys Birthday Date

First of all I love that the word "date" still means with Mommy and Daddy. Then let me say I have a 9 and 7 year old. WOW!! Are they really that old? The pedi said "Oh no next year will be your double digit year." Nathaniel asked what that meant the doctor so nicely repplied "It means your Mom is getting old." What old!!, Not ME!!! Okay maybe but no so old I can't have fun. So this year we took the boys to The Plex for their birthdays, while they still want us to go. The Plex is Go-Karts, Golf, Bumper Boats, Laser Tag and alot of Video games. Lots of Fun.
Us at Laser Tag

Christopher on Bumper Boats

Nathaniel the RaceCar Driver

The boys at the Monster House on Putt-Putt

Nathaniel gets a baseball out of the water

We had a wonderful time. I love spending time with them. When I see their little faces I already miss this time. I know all to soon they will be grown and gone. I miss them today, even when they are driving me crazy.