Saturday, December 6, 2008

My "The Lord's" Boy

I know I have not updated here about my baby is hard for me to say the right thing, my husband is our spiritual leader... not just because he should be...I have seen many ladies spiritually strong...but I am "Oh ye of little faith" I always have been, always have to spend most of my day talking to God and that still small voice telling me to trust, have faith. But my husband is spiritually stronger than I and has been posting about Kendrick at God is so Good by Kendrick. You can read all about him and our daily walk here at Cook's. To be honest i am not a share my feelings person because they usually aren't spiritual feeling, they are usually selfish, "Give boy, his life." I have to be reminded by the Lord, when my heart leads, that Kendrick truely belongs to God. I gave him to Him. many of you where there for the Baby Dedication at Victory Baptist Church. Also many of you were there at Baptist Temple as we dedicated each boy and all future children to the Lord. But you know mommies we tend to try to hold on even when we know they belong to him first and he gifts them to us. I have studied alittle and come to the conclusion...They are our heritage (gift) from the Lord to the Lord. Basicly He gives them to us for us to give them to Him. And as someone said on the Carepage, Kendrick has brought many Christians back to the Lord, closer to the Lord at this time of His Son's birth through the illness of my (the Lord's) little boy. Well those are my feels right now and I hope to help another mom to know our children belong to the Lord, even though as I type this I selfishly hope to hold on as long as I can.


Melissa said...

You are not being selfish at all. I am prayig for kendrick and your whole family. I am hear if you need me for anything. I lvoe you!

Shelly said...

Hi Alicia! I am George and Lisa's daughter, Shelly. We met at camp. I was hoping that you would link my blog with yours. Thanks a lot!
Psalm 28:7