Thursday, March 14, 2013

15 Years is just the Beginning...

Once upon a time in a far away metroplex (Fort Worth),, There lived this young fair maiden and this debonair fair prince.  Okay now for reality,  there was this young teen girl Me Alicia Little, and this handsome teenage boy Allen Little, who asked me to be his girl friend and I replied with the typical answer when he asked... Will you go with me? ... My response internally was Go Where? To Diamond Shamrock on the corner before church or to a youth activity What?  Outwardly my response is what every teen girl says in this situation I said NO!!!

 1996 Graduating Highschool Party

I said No every time he asked, but he was wearing on me.  So one day he gave me a note, and it read " Will you Please be my girlfriend? circle Yes or No with cute little drawn smiley faces smiling under yes and frowning under no.  I circled yes and gave the note back and thus began the epic romance story of all time.  " The Love Ballad of Allen and Alicia"  Our story began with trips to his house for lunch and he to mine  (more often than his he ate at my house).  Our first date at Putt Putt golf and games with chaperons of Sandy and Christy Little.

The climax of our story happened on June 5th 1997 when Allen Little asked me Alicia Johnston to be his wife at Triple S Christian Ranch in Rosebud, Arkansas in front of the entire assembly.  Evangelist Stan Harris a martial arts expert was the guest preacher demonstrating different fighting techniques and breaking boards, he autographed a board he broke that Allen and I held right after he asked me. Little did I know that this would be a symbol of the job I would have to do to whip Allen into shape to be a good husband. 

March 14, 1998, my little girls dreams came true, I married the prince of my heart.  One of my favorite memories of the day was the sleep over I had with some of my bridesmaids and sisters.  After that we enjoyed a Honeymoon in San Antonio and Corpus Christi.  We then began the life together that we enjoy in the Lord today!  We have had the ups and downs, twist and turns, but God has been Good to us through it all.  Our love for each other has grown.  I would not say we have reached the top of the hill. When I speak with senior saints and they tell me of their stories, I realize we are just a the beginning of fantastic journey.  So here's to 15 wonderful years of marriage looking to 50 more. 
1999 The year we had our first born, Christopher...Bowling with the Lucas'
2003 Kendrick is on the way...That's boy #4.
2006 Christmas in Ohio!  We are freezing, the kids are somewhere...hopefully not jumping in the river!

2009 A benefit for Kendrick in Oklahoma!
2011 Visiting North Carolina Little Family!
2013 To Be Continued!
I love you Allen Little!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Update on all things Little

Here at the Little house we have many changes going on.  There really isn’t a good order to put them in.  Most recently we have begun a home owning journey, desiring to make a lifelong dream come true.  We have also been doing the regular run of the mill things.  Homeschooling and House work on the top of that list.  We also work in the bus ministry and youth group of our church. 

We are still grieving for our baby man, Kendrick.  3 years is a long time and a short time.  The world moves forward and we move right along with it.  However I am amazed that we do.  I did always believe I would just quit breathing. 

In just 7 days we will have been married 15 years.  Although that is not a long history of life it is a long history of us.  I am daily amazed at my husband’s ability to put up with me. 

On the advice of some very close members of my family and friends I intend to blog about this journey.  Ideas I have learned cooking, homeschooling and living.  Some back story will be necessary on some of these things…LOL. After all no one is perfect upon marriage and having a family.  My plan (goal) is to blog weekly.  We shall see how it goes.