Thursday, March 7, 2013

Update on all things Little

Here at the Little house we have many changes going on.  There really isn’t a good order to put them in.  Most recently we have begun a home owning journey, desiring to make a lifelong dream come true.  We have also been doing the regular run of the mill things.  Homeschooling and House work on the top of that list.  We also work in the bus ministry and youth group of our church. 

We are still grieving for our baby man, Kendrick.  3 years is a long time and a short time.  The world moves forward and we move right along with it.  However I am amazed that we do.  I did always believe I would just quit breathing. 

In just 7 days we will have been married 15 years.  Although that is not a long history of life it is a long history of us.  I am daily amazed at my husband’s ability to put up with me. 

On the advice of some very close members of my family and friends I intend to blog about this journey.  Ideas I have learned cooking, homeschooling and living.  Some back story will be necessary on some of these things…LOL. After all no one is perfect upon marriage and having a family.  My plan (goal) is to blog weekly.  We shall see how it goes.

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Melissa said...

I look forward to reading your blogs:) Love ya and miss ya!