Monday, December 10, 2007

Thanksgiving at Mom's House

Our Family Thanksgiving Picture.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a family of 7. We took alot and this was the best one. And Kendrick is not looking at the camera, he never is.

My kids are so cute!! And Kendrick is looking!!! Quick snap the picture.

Wow, we have a big family. It was so much fun to have so many there for Thanksgiving. Of course,Mom spent most of the day in the kitchen. We had a wonderful meal. We always have more food than can be consumed. There were 13 in Mom's house the night before and it is not a huge house. We had a blast. We all slept everywhere. My family had the living room. Brandi's family had another. Mom and Emily shared and lucky Taylor slept in his own bed. The next day everyone else came with there family, to many to be counted. Mom made the garage into a room (A Football Room) so we all know where Allen and Taylor spent most of the day. They also played football with the kids. So it was an all round football day. They had a great time.

Oh my soul!!!!! Have you ever seen a more precious girl. I am sure you haven't even if you think you have.

It was so wonderful to see Mrs. Virginia (she spends Thanksgiving with my mom every year) It is so great to hear her praise the Lord and love life.

That's our Thanksgiving, I hope you all had a great one too.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wichita Mountains

In October, we headed off to the Wichita Mountains for a school field trip and what a blast we had. The whole day was filled with excitment and running. We saw buffalo, climbed all over the mountain (I even went out there), went to the Holy Land replica. It was wonderful.

See our princess (Her daddy is right behind her holding her) Still it was a scary place for her, she clung to her daddy all day.

Our baby man even got brave and climbed up. Well he is 4 I guess he should be alittle brave.

Benjamin, Nathaniel and Christopher were fearless. I already know I won't be invited to go when they are teens. I am sure they will think mom will just worry and I will. If they are this brave at 5, 6, 8 I fear 15,16,18.

The boys had a blast climbing all over that mountain, at the end of the day we new they were ready for bed but they asked to go up the mountain again. We didn't and five minutes on the road home they were all asleep. It was a really fun last trip before the new baby. At the end of the day Allen and I thanked God for such a smooth fun time with our wonderful family.