Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What colors are boy colors and girl colors?

Okay, I'm a little confused I guess.  When I was a little girl, I loved to play with cars.  I loved to build a city out of dirt and drive my bulldozer to make roads.  True story...ask my mom.  Here's the thing....all the commercials for cars had little boys playing with the cars, yet I knew to ask for the hot wheels cars and the bulldozer.  I never once cried about the color of the toy. I proudly carried my blue carrying case.

When my son wanted an Easy Bake Oven.  I went and I bought a purple oven for him for Christmas.  He never commented on the color.  He never once cried because it was a "girl" color.  He never made a sound about the commercial having a little girl on it. 

I guess I am having a hard time with WHO ARE THE SEXISTS REALLY? I read an article today about a dad who is making a beauty line that is unisex.  I applaud his efforts.  I mean I am right there with him.  I don't want my little girl wearing, "I'm sexy" perfume.  I also don't want my son wearing, "I'm hot" cologne.  I am all for taking sensuality out of anything about ads.
What disturbs me is that the article refers to this poor sister who went to get her poor brother an easy bake oven and well here's the quote. 
"In 2012, then-13-year-old McKenna Pope convinced toy company Hasbro to create an Easy-Bake Oven that appealed to both girls and boys by launching a petition on Change.org that garnered 40,000 signatures and backing from celebrity chef Bobby Flay. McKenna hatched the idea after shopping for an oven for her 4-year-old brother, finding that her only choices were pink or purple. As a result of the petition, Hasbro created a prototype of a new Easy-Bake Oven in silver, blue, and black and agreed to hire male actors for the oven’s ads."

So let me see if I get this right.  It is sexist for Hasbro to only have a pink and purple oven, but it is not sexist for McKenna Pope and 40,000 others to decide that pink and purple are only girl colors.  HELLO!  Who is sexist?  Okay...one example you say.  Well how about this...
When I was a little girl and all my cars were in my blue carrying case was I playing with boy toys or blue toys?  I'm serious.  Should I say to my children its okay to use an easy bake oven if it is a boy or girl color.  6 children have now played with our purple Easy Oven, 4 boys and 2 girls, and it did not matter the color.  And even worse, who told little McKenna boys couldn't play with the purple and pink oven.

I guess I'm saying....Stop being so Sexist by saying companies are sexist based on color.  Your sexist on color.  You said boys need blue easy bake ovens not the company.  You said girls need pink Legos...all my kids play with old primary colored Legos...(SHOCKER) even the girls....myself included.  In fact I refuse to replace my blue Lego house for that stupid pink house, not that anyone has asked from here.  It has never crossed their minds to ask. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Amen, Brother, Amen!

Many people say...
Why do you say Amen?  What does Amen mean?  Why do you teach your boys to say Amen?  You're just doing that for a show.  You just want people to think you're spiritual.

Let's start with What Amen means...
Amen is a Hebrew word that literally translates to 'so be it.'  It means I confirm, I agree, truthfully.  It does not mean 'the end'.  Many people think that because we end prayers with Amen.  However we are really affirming our dedication to God.  We are saying our prayer and then, so be it.

Why do you say Amen?  Or really Why does my husband?
What you'll really see me doing is nodding my head through different parts of the sermon.  My husband or other people say Amen to say, "I agree preacher!" Believe me it gets some head turns but all you are saying is, "so be it."  I have often heard my husband say Amen meaning more "I needed that" which is also a fine way to say Amen.  He may also say, "SAY ON! which means keep it up this is good.

Why do you teach your boys to say Amen?
Well the truth is...I want them to say Amen for the same reason their Daddy says Amen...When they agree with the preacher.  When a man of God stands and preaches the word, he often looks about and sees many frowns, but when a man says, AMEN! Then the preach knows "Preach On" The word is true and the people are in agreement.  I know my boys are really listening when I will hear a little "Amen"  from the front row.  They heard what the man of God said and agreed with it.  What more could I ask for than that my boys agree with The Word.

Your husband just does that for a show...
Well if you have ever said that, than you don't know my husband at all.  Sometimes he just says a quite Amen once or twice, but sometimes God really gets a hold of him.  During that time he may shout and wave a hand.  I know...(in church...mouth open wide).  He really does care about the word of God.  Believe it or not...One minute he will be at the table reading the Bible and the next we are in the middle of a shouting preaching service.  He will call us all over and say, "Look at this, Read it"  and he'll be shouting, "Amen." Then he'll say, "picture it, do you see it" and tell us what he sees.  And guess what no one is here but us.  People like my husband see the Bible like a huge broadway production in their head.  It comes alive and stirs him.  He loves history and visualizes it in a way I can only imagine.  I wish to see it sometimes the way he does. 

So, does he do it for a show, NO!  Does he mean, "SO BE IT!" yes.  Sometimes in my husbands case he means, "THAT EXCITING!"  So AMEN, BROTHER, AMEN!

Monday, May 6, 2013

I don't want to homeschool!

Did I ever mention that I did not want to homeschool? Well, I didn't.  I wanted my kids to go to christian school.  I had this dream of my children headed off to school, while I sew, clean, crochet, make outfits for them.  God, on the other hand, had already decided we would homeschool.  I can see it now looking back that I really was already homeschooling, I just didnt know it. 

One day while agruing my case as to why I can't homeschool I realized I already was.  Christopher was in PS kindergarten program and I was at the school 3 days a week in his classroom helping.  I guess you could say I should have known as a child.  My favorite "game" was teaching my younger siblings. 

So after fighting my case in 2005 we began this wonderful journey as homeschoolers.  Our first student was a smart little man and I had the BEST PLAN EVER. (With a loud echo!)  I had a desk.  He had a desk. I had all the proper first grade posters.  I had every subject you can think of for first grade....Math, English, Phonics, History, Bible, Science, Art.  We spent all morning on a schedule of events and it was glorious...I WAS THE BEST HOMESCHOOL MOM EVER!!! 

LOL...Can you say that in a blog?  LOL 

Life moves forward....today we homeschool in a more logical and fun way.  Today we are sleeping in because its Monday.  About lunch we will start school and school till we are done.  Tuesday is a little more organized....They ask me to wake them early so they can get a full days work in...so I do.  Wednesday we pack up history and head to rehab for 2 hours then errands, then home for lunch and basic studies (this is what we call Math, English, Bible)  Thursday...Mom wake us early.  Friday, Mom I want to get up really early so I get all this weeks work done and some of Monday's.  WHATEVER! At this point I guide and follow their lead.  Math at the computer desk, reading on Mom's bed, Bible at the table. Can we do picnic history today? Sure. It looks like everyone else's history but under a tree with popcorn.

Life moves forward and 4 toddler boys grow, you adopt a girl and have a girl, you lose a child. And you realize homeschooling is a journey you take together.  I think I learn the most history around here and I know we are all learning more about how to work together and share love.  Sometimes when I look back at that silly girl with her desk and his desk and posters...I laugh at her and I cry for her child..who learned that year to hate reading. It will take his mom 2 years to undo her damage. 

This blog is about learning to love who we are, what we do, how we do it.  Today we are happy, unorganized and loving education.  It has been a long journey with lots of tears.

Would you send your kids to christian school? NOT IN 100 YEARS! I love homeschooling my smart, fun, crazy kids. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

15 Years is just the Beginning...

Once upon a time in a far away metroplex (Fort Worth),, There lived this young fair maiden and this debonair fair prince.  Okay now for reality,  there was this young teen girl Me Alicia Little, and this handsome teenage boy Allen Little, who asked me to be his girl friend and I replied with the typical answer when he asked... Will you go with me? ... My response internally was Go Where? To Diamond Shamrock on the corner before church or to a youth activity What?  Outwardly my response is what every teen girl says in this situation I said NO!!!

 1996 Graduating Highschool Party

I said No every time he asked, but he was wearing on me.  So one day he gave me a note, and it read " Will you Please be my girlfriend? circle Yes or No with cute little drawn smiley faces smiling under yes and frowning under no.  I circled yes and gave the note back and thus began the epic romance story of all time.  " The Love Ballad of Allen and Alicia"  Our story began with trips to his house for lunch and he to mine  (more often than his he ate at my house).  Our first date at Putt Putt golf and games with chaperons of Sandy and Christy Little.

The climax of our story happened on June 5th 1997 when Allen Little asked me Alicia Johnston to be his wife at Triple S Christian Ranch in Rosebud, Arkansas in front of the entire assembly.  Evangelist Stan Harris a martial arts expert was the guest preacher demonstrating different fighting techniques and breaking boards, he autographed a board he broke that Allen and I held right after he asked me. Little did I know that this would be a symbol of the job I would have to do to whip Allen into shape to be a good husband. 

March 14, 1998, my little girls dreams came true, I married the prince of my heart.  One of my favorite memories of the day was the sleep over I had with some of my bridesmaids and sisters.  After that we enjoyed a Honeymoon in San Antonio and Corpus Christi.  We then began the life together that we enjoy in the Lord today!  We have had the ups and downs, twist and turns, but God has been Good to us through it all.  Our love for each other has grown.  I would not say we have reached the top of the hill. When I speak with senior saints and they tell me of their stories, I realize we are just a the beginning of fantastic journey.  So here's to 15 wonderful years of marriage looking to 50 more. 
1999 The year we had our first born, Christopher...Bowling with the Lucas'
2003 Kendrick is on the way...That's boy #4.
2006 Christmas in Ohio!  We are freezing, the kids are somewhere...hopefully not jumping in the river!

2009 A benefit for Kendrick in Oklahoma!
2011 Visiting North Carolina Little Family!
2013 To Be Continued!
I love you Allen Little!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Update on all things Little

Here at the Little house we have many changes going on.  There really isn’t a good order to put them in.  Most recently we have begun a home owning journey, desiring to make a lifelong dream come true.  We have also been doing the regular run of the mill things.  Homeschooling and House work on the top of that list.  We also work in the bus ministry and youth group of our church. 

We are still grieving for our baby man, Kendrick.  3 years is a long time and a short time.  The world moves forward and we move right along with it.  However I am amazed that we do.  I did always believe I would just quit breathing. 

In just 7 days we will have been married 15 years.  Although that is not a long history of life it is a long history of us.  I am daily amazed at my husband’s ability to put up with me. 

On the advice of some very close members of my family and friends I intend to blog about this journey.  Ideas I have learned cooking, homeschooling and living.  Some back story will be necessary on some of these things…LOL. After all no one is perfect upon marriage and having a family.  My plan (goal) is to blog weekly.  We shall see how it goes.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Time to Blog

Well it has been almost 5 months since I've posted a blog and almost 4 months since my baby man went to be with the Lord. Kendrick Donavan Little passed away September 18, 2009. He was the most wonderful gift ever given to me. I will forever be greatful for the time I had with him, I will be forever heartbroken for the time I missed seeing him grow and change. I know the Lord has sent this trial for a reason. I know Kendrick is in a better place. The Lord was good to us, he had alot of good days and he didn't suffer long. My only desire is that people know he had a heart for the things of God. His prayer was always "Jesus I pray for satan to get saved." I ask him once why he prayed for satan and his answer was "If satan gets saved there won't be anymore bad things in the world." He was generious, loving and wanted everyone to accept the Lord as their Saviour.

My prayer is that thru my sons cancer and death, many (all people) come to know the Lord. Trust that he died for the sins of all men. Not by works, lest any man should boast, but by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ.
I am going to try to post more often. Right now all things happen in good time. Emotional needs of our other children are first, then their education. As a homeschooling family, I am thankful we homeschool during this time. Our children have alot of good days, but some days they need a break, that I couldn't offer them in a PS or CS setting. Blogging and such get left behind some days. God is Good and God is Right, nomatter what may come.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One week done..

We are going to have a great year. School started Tuesday and we had a great week. So far, we are loving the My Father's World curriculm. We had a science experiment. We learned about Leif Ericsson. The boys were in shock they had no idea someone else landed here first. Christopher was watching a show a few days later and it was Leif Ericsson Day on the cartoon, he was in heaven because he knew all about Leif Ericsson. It was alot of fun for the whole family. We took some pics here. I forgot to take pics of the science experiment and regret it because the boys were so excited. We had another boy over that day and he loved it also.

Benjamin took the one of me, he loves the camera.

In Bible we learned about out names and how special they are.
Here is a pic of the boys name pictures.