Monday, May 6, 2013

I don't want to homeschool!

Did I ever mention that I did not want to homeschool? Well, I didn't.  I wanted my kids to go to christian school.  I had this dream of my children headed off to school, while I sew, clean, crochet, make outfits for them.  God, on the other hand, had already decided we would homeschool.  I can see it now looking back that I really was already homeschooling, I just didnt know it. 

One day while agruing my case as to why I can't homeschool I realized I already was.  Christopher was in PS kindergarten program and I was at the school 3 days a week in his classroom helping.  I guess you could say I should have known as a child.  My favorite "game" was teaching my younger siblings. 

So after fighting my case in 2005 we began this wonderful journey as homeschoolers.  Our first student was a smart little man and I had the BEST PLAN EVER. (With a loud echo!)  I had a desk.  He had a desk. I had all the proper first grade posters.  I had every subject you can think of for first grade....Math, English, Phonics, History, Bible, Science, Art.  We spent all morning on a schedule of events and it was glorious...I WAS THE BEST HOMESCHOOL MOM EVER!!! 

LOL...Can you say that in a blog?  LOL 

Life moves we homeschool in a more logical and fun way.  Today we are sleeping in because its Monday.  About lunch we will start school and school till we are done.  Tuesday is a little more organized....They ask me to wake them early so they can get a full days work I do.  Wednesday we pack up history and head to rehab for 2 hours then errands, then home for lunch and basic studies (this is what we call Math, English, Bible)  Thursday...Mom wake us early.  Friday, Mom I want to get up really early so I get all this weeks work done and some of Monday's.  WHATEVER! At this point I guide and follow their lead.  Math at the computer desk, reading on Mom's bed, Bible at the table. Can we do picnic history today? Sure. It looks like everyone else's history but under a tree with popcorn.

Life moves forward and 4 toddler boys grow, you adopt a girl and have a girl, you lose a child. And you realize homeschooling is a journey you take together.  I think I learn the most history around here and I know we are all learning more about how to work together and share love.  Sometimes when I look back at that silly girl with her desk and his desk and posters...I laugh at her and I cry for her child..who learned that year to hate reading. It will take his mom 2 years to undo her damage. 

This blog is about learning to love who we are, what we do, how we do it.  Today we are happy, unorganized and loving education.  It has been a long journey with lots of tears.

Would you send your kids to christian school? NOT IN 100 YEARS! I love homeschooling my smart, fun, crazy kids. 

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