Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Pumpkin Prayer
Cut off the top:
Lord, open my mind and fill me
with your wisdom and guidance.
Scoop out the yuckies:
Lord, take out all my fussies and
frownies and fill me with your love.
Carve out the eyes:
Lord, open my eyes to see
all the beautiful things you have made.
Carve out the nose:
Lord, help me to be a sweet
fragrance for you.
Carve out the mouth:
Lord, help me to always speak
Your words of love and kindness.
Place in a candle:
Lord, let me be a light to others
For you have filled me with Your Light.

Well it is that time again, my favorite time. No air or heat needed here in Texas. You can sit on the porch in the early morning with a hot cappiucino, wrapped in a throw and relax. It all builds up to the Lord's Birthday. Not to mention all the baking and treats everywhere you go, and all the treats we are making at home. We started the holiday season making a mess. We cut out and painted pumpkins. Made roasted pumpkin seeds and look forward to the pumpkin pies (from the little pumpkins) in a few weeks. I hope you are all enjoying the Harvest season.

The boys digging out the yucky stuff

Benjamin yuck!!

Nathaniel and yes he really ate some!!!

Chy loves to paint.

Daddy cuts out the face:)

Christopher loves anything messy!!!

Kendrick handsome and messy!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mommy Crazy Devotion

Well, just a blog about being a mommy. Since our Ruthie came I have been sleeping in, waking at 7 am or even 8 am. All the while, I knew I needed to get up earlier. You know, "she riseth while it is yet night..." Proverbs 31: something

So lately I am feeling a little more energetic, on the days my hubby works nights I stay up till 2 or 3 cleaning up my home, folding clothes and all that. We all know it is better to do things early and sleep at night, Right? Also we have started a ladies Bible study at church, it was great at our first meeting. Their are ladies of all ages. I love to hear our older saints talk about how they also felt overwhelmed as young mothers. Sometimes I think I am the only one, or it is because I have a lot of children but every lady with children raised said they too felt overwhelmed with little ones and housework and church and all. They all also said what made the difference on many days was whether or not they got up with the Lord. Anyway, today is the day. I got up early and my plan of attack was time with the Lord, a little housework, get dressed for the day and wake the kids and start off right. Well I woke up at 5:45, alarm was set at 6, but I figured my body was excited to start our new plan of attack also, so I got up. I no sooner than went to the restroom and # 2 was awake. Then # 3, then # 4, then # 6 started to cry. Okay by know my plan is failing and I am completely frustrated. What went wrong. So, I awaken Allen, "Honey they are all up and I haven't even had my my with the Lord yet. " "Make them go back to bed." "Okay!!" So I sent them all back to bed. (Crying) New plan, have a shower and my time with God; In the shower, no Bible today, just prayer. So I can't hear the crying because I made them go back to bed. So Day One of my plan gone. While I type this three have gone potty, two asked if it is time to get up.

So what is the point, yes time with God is of top importance, but let us remember, we are often taken off track. I took my shower and spent time with God. Right or Wrong?? I think it made me relax, feel better, lose my frustration so my kids can have a good mom today, so Right? We need to remember that our plan will fail, we are human, and time alone with God means "Time alone with God". Even if it has to happen in the shower so you can't hear the crying kids. I mean reality is some days the morning may not be the best time for a devotion that day, and it won't hurt, never has hurt a child to cry for 20 minutes while you pray in the shower, so you can't hear them. And side note: no one was crying when I got out of the shower, they were just waiting to ask me if they could know get up. And I can do my devotion tonight after they go to bed and my hubby goes to work.

Well I know I rambled and not a lot of sense, but maybe I can help a young mom today, though my frustration and regaining of control though God.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christopher Breaks His Arm

His arm, as you can see his wrist and hand are above the rest of his arm.

Well it was a great day and all was going well. We had a 10:30 appointment for Cheyenne in Fort Worth. And just as normal we had a great appointment. I was encouraged by the doctor. He is pleased with Cheyenne and we have started a second medication to help loosen her up. After the appointment. We went to McDonald's for a visit and lunch. We were all there, Mom, Brandi, Taylor, Crissy and all the munchkins. We were having a ball and all the sudden Christopher yells, "I broke my arm, my arm is broken." In true form of a mom with 6 kids, I lazily said, "Let me see." All the while thinking kids are so dramatic. It only took one glance to see it was broken, I became sick immediately at the sight of my baby's arm flapping around. I yelled, Mom said "let me see." Again in a true mom of 6 way. I just handed his arm to her. Then she saw. She grabbed Christopher and we were off. I was running around gathering my brood and my mom was yelling let's go. I was thinking I am I have 6 kids to gather. It never dawned on me Brandi, Taylor and Crissy could get them. I was in full panic mode. Once reminded they could handle it, we ran out the door and drove as fast as possible to the hospital (we had our flashers on).
Both Christopher and I were crying off and on (he was actually stronger than I), and my mom trying not to cry and drive. We pulled up and they came out to get Christopher. I love how the people at Cooks are always so strong and calm. I love that I feel comfortable knowing "kids are what they do", they fix kids daily and I can trust them.
Before morphine, see the pain in those eyes.

After morphine, so adorable. It was a reminder he is a baby.

Chris and Memaw waiting for doctors.

Well we went right back, had x-rays and the doctors made sure no skin was broken. He broke the two bones in his right arm. It is right behind the growth plate, which it is really awesome that he didn't break the growth plate. He was so unbelievably strong and brave. We had called daddy from the car and he was on his way immediately. He came in and made us all feel a little better, just being there. We went up stairs to minor surgery area. He was given medicine to make him sleep, another to dry his mouth so he wouldn't choke while sleeping, and a medicine so he wouldn't remember the procedure. No pins, or major surgery was needed. They just moved it back in place. The x-rays before the procedure were very scary for a mom, but the x-rays after looked like a normal arm with a crack or something. He has been in pain some but comfortable with the medicine they sent home. He is mostly upset over the fact that he can't play right now, which is the hardest part for a 9 year old.

Daddy and Chris in recovery.
In recovery he was seeing double and wishing this had not happened. But he was not in pain.
I awoke last night and finally thought of something to thank God for in this, "He didn't hit his head." When I think about how he must have fallen it easily could have been his head that hit the bottom step. Also there are a lot of parents who have kids that didn't leave Cook's that day and other who have kids who will leave with major illnesses. So out of all we can always thank God for something, even it if it does take a few days for our flesh to remember something. Thank you all for your prayers. I will keep you all posted on how things go at our next appointment.

He looks a little dopey because of the medicine, but here we are on our way home. He got this new shirt because mommy and memaw asked them to cut off his other shirt to prevent more pain.