Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Pumpkin Prayer
Cut off the top:
Lord, open my mind and fill me
with your wisdom and guidance.
Scoop out the yuckies:
Lord, take out all my fussies and
frownies and fill me with your love.
Carve out the eyes:
Lord, open my eyes to see
all the beautiful things you have made.
Carve out the nose:
Lord, help me to be a sweet
fragrance for you.
Carve out the mouth:
Lord, help me to always speak
Your words of love and kindness.
Place in a candle:
Lord, let me be a light to others
For you have filled me with Your Light.

Well it is that time again, my favorite time. No air or heat needed here in Texas. You can sit on the porch in the early morning with a hot cappiucino, wrapped in a throw and relax. It all builds up to the Lord's Birthday. Not to mention all the baking and treats everywhere you go, and all the treats we are making at home. We started the holiday season making a mess. We cut out and painted pumpkins. Made roasted pumpkin seeds and look forward to the pumpkin pies (from the little pumpkins) in a few weeks. I hope you are all enjoying the Harvest season.

The boys digging out the yucky stuff

Benjamin yuck!!

Nathaniel and yes he really ate some!!!

Chy loves to paint.

Daddy cuts out the face:)

Christopher loves anything messy!!!

Kendrick handsome and messy!!

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Melissa said...

I just love the pumpin poem. I'll have to save that for next year. All of your kids are just beautiful!!!