Saturday, November 1, 2008

Top 10: Why I should give to Missions

  1. Because the love of God is shed abroad
  2. With out Faith it is impossible to please God
  3. Because there is an eternal punishment for sin
  4. Because we know there is one mediator between God and Man (the man Jesus Christ)
  5. Because there is only one name by which man must be saved
  6. A lost sinner must hear the call..In order to beieve they must hear...before they can hear they must have a preacher
  7. Because I know I have a command from God
  8. Because I know God will supply all my needs
  9. Becasue I know if I don't it's Sin
  10. Because I know that God will say...Well done thy Good and Faithful Servant

Missions Conference 2008 is going great here at Victory Baptist Church. I thought this would help us all. Tonight was our International Dinner and Devotion before the Faith Promise tommorrow. Bro. David Lott brought this devotion. I hope we are all doing what God wants us to do concerning Missions.

In Prayer for His Will

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