Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dryer Maintenance

Okay after calling around and pricing heating elements, several saying I should also have the dryer serviced and the suggestion of a friend. I googled electric dryer maintenance and it was easy. I cleaned out my dryer. All I had to pay for was time and I also learned that my heating element is fine. I feel as though, as a woman, they said that to make $50 an hour plus the parts. I ordered the part and said I could handle the rest. Later, only to learn my heating element is fine. So just a blog to say if it breaks google it and if your dryer is less than 7 years old don't order a heating element unless you know it is cleaned out first.

Here are the steps: (the site recommended you service once a year unless you dry a lot than twice a year)

  1. My dryer takes to long to dry.
  2. Unplug and remove the back
  3. Clean out lent hose and wall vent
  4. On the left hand side (at the back) of dryer is the lent vent (mine is black)
  5. Unscrew and pull open (not off) you have to hold it open
  6. Use free hand and pull out lent and other stuff and Vacuum out
  7. Close replace screws.
  8. Vacuum out the parts of the dryer you see
  9. Wipe with wet cloth (I didn't use soap to be safe)
  10. Allow to dry (it really should not be that wet)
  11. Replace back cover, Hose and plug in
  12. Start dryer for about two minutes
  13. Open the door and feel that heat like when it was new.
  14. Not hot call a repair man or change the heating element yourself. (It's easy, I took mine off and put it back today)

Hope this helps someone

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