Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Girl

My Princess Baby has had a very busy last 7 days. First we went to Cooks for an MRI on her brain. Still waiting to hear from that doctor. I was going to put a video hear but it wouldn't load.

While Chy was getting her MRI I was out shopping I bought the pillow you see in the next picture and a brclet for each girl. After the MRI she wasn't nearly as happy.

Then this week was much more fun and relaxing. We got our wheelchair and it is about as fancy as the come. Well it has to be to be used by such a high ranking Princess.

Her personal embroidery selection
Color Razzle Berry
(Purple with Sparkles)

She read a book and was looking at everyone and all the new stuff the whole time. She was having a blast. In fact later when we tried to take her out of her new chair she had a fit and right or wrong her Daddy and I loved it.

So we are all set for a trip to Disney World. Hurray!!

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Melissa said...

She looks like such a happy girl! As tears fall from my eyes , I want you to know yall are a true gift to this little girl. Your Little Girl! I love her chair:)