Sunday, November 30, 2008


It is almost 2:30 the nurse just left and I can't get back to sleep just yet. I just wanted to ask you all to pray myself. The dr. from the Cooks ER said the cooks doctors have the CT and they are reading it we will see them tomorrow and begin our plan of action. It is indeed the worst we imagined and we are scared out of our minds. I try to believe "everything will be okay", but I secretly know people mean even if the worst happens. People always comment on how strong I am, but it is God and I am truely not strong, those really close know that. I am not strong enough for the worst. I have always thanked God for not taking my children from me, even though I am wicked. I have no enemies but if I did I would not wish this on them. I know God is in control I was raised to believe it. However it takes on a whole new meaning these days. Even with Cheyenne, I beg God for healing and he answers No or not now, and I beg God yet again. He is on the throne, he is in control "NO MATTER WHAT". "NO MATTER WHAT" "NO MATTER WHAT" Psalm 127:3 tells us that "children are a heritage," meaning they belong to God. He has a destiny and purpose for each of them (Rom. 8:28). Therefore, the privilege of motherhood rests not just in the bearing of children. The true privilege comes from being entrusted with the faithful stewardship of the life-gifts of God, who will one day act as His agents, both now and through eternity (Rev. 5:10; 22:5). "They belong to God" Please pray with us for him and us and our other precious ones. They are all taking it in their own way. Please when you see them tell them you love them, but don't say anything scary. I love each of you as dear family. Good Night

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Homeschooling Fun

Our Animal Cell
Well I am not pretending to know what I am doing but this year is going great. Last year I felt over stressed and over extended. But this year I have down sized my work load and added more fun activities. We are having a ball.

I am learning to let go of the traditional 8 hours at a desk and books idea and embracing the Home in Home school. We have a focused plan for Math, Language Arts, Spelling and Hand writting. Then we branch out and study Science, History, Music, PE, and play learning games in a fun relaxing way.

Here we are in Science, this week we learned about cells. This is us making an animal cell out of jello, and candy. The next day we ate our project.

At this time History is focused on the first Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we will make a tin can turkey with an empty can and construction paper and do a word puzzle for review.

Learning games consist of several computer games I have been given from friends. PE & Music are with done with a home school friend of mine and it gives us much needed adult interaction.
(A side note all my kids are under 5th grade, I am sure we will need more structured science and history come middle school and high school.)
Well that is all I have at this time. I just hoped to help an over stressed mom realize it is okay to relax and have fun with your kids. I have gotten numerous notes from "students" this year saying I love you and I love my teacher, and I am glad you teach me mom. What more could I ask. How many kids get to call dad when they learn to do addition for the first time and I got to see the look on his face as he read his first word. Well I digress, It is clear I am a proud mom.

My Girl

My Princess Baby has had a very busy last 7 days. First we went to Cooks for an MRI on her brain. Still waiting to hear from that doctor. I was going to put a video hear but it wouldn't load.

While Chy was getting her MRI I was out shopping I bought the pillow you see in the next picture and a brclet for each girl. After the MRI she wasn't nearly as happy.

Then this week was much more fun and relaxing. We got our wheelchair and it is about as fancy as the come. Well it has to be to be used by such a high ranking Princess.

Her personal embroidery selection
Color Razzle Berry
(Purple with Sparkles)

She read a book and was looking at everyone and all the new stuff the whole time. She was having a blast. In fact later when we tried to take her out of her new chair she had a fit and right or wrong her Daddy and I loved it.

So we are all set for a trip to Disney World. Hurray!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When it rains it pours!!

It all started with a broken dishwasher. And we got it fixed. Then the refrigerator and we got it fixed. Then the phone and I fixed that. Then the dryer and I fixed that. Then all the kids got sick, some more than once. Then the phone and the Internet and I did all I could, called ATT and they fixed it. Still sick kids. Now there is a whatever the boys dropped in the bathroom sink, it is clogged.


Okay a little dramatic, I guess. I love being a mom, wife, etc, etc, etc.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dryer Maintenance

Okay after calling around and pricing heating elements, several saying I should also have the dryer serviced and the suggestion of a friend. I googled electric dryer maintenance and it was easy. I cleaned out my dryer. All I had to pay for was time and I also learned that my heating element is fine. I feel as though, as a woman, they said that to make $50 an hour plus the parts. I ordered the part and said I could handle the rest. Later, only to learn my heating element is fine. So just a blog to say if it breaks google it and if your dryer is less than 7 years old don't order a heating element unless you know it is cleaned out first.

Here are the steps: (the site recommended you service once a year unless you dry a lot than twice a year)

  1. My dryer takes to long to dry.
  2. Unplug and remove the back
  3. Clean out lent hose and wall vent
  4. On the left hand side (at the back) of dryer is the lent vent (mine is black)
  5. Unscrew and pull open (not off) you have to hold it open
  6. Use free hand and pull out lent and other stuff and Vacuum out
  7. Close replace screws.
  8. Vacuum out the parts of the dryer you see
  9. Wipe with wet cloth (I didn't use soap to be safe)
  10. Allow to dry (it really should not be that wet)
  11. Replace back cover, Hose and plug in
  12. Start dryer for about two minutes
  13. Open the door and feel that heat like when it was new.
  14. Not hot call a repair man or change the heating element yourself. (It's easy, I took mine off and put it back today)

Hope this helps someone

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Top 10: Why I should give to Missions

  1. Because the love of God is shed abroad
  2. With out Faith it is impossible to please God
  3. Because there is an eternal punishment for sin
  4. Because we know there is one mediator between God and Man (the man Jesus Christ)
  5. Because there is only one name by which man must be saved
  6. A lost sinner must hear the call..In order to beieve they must hear...before they can hear they must have a preacher
  7. Because I know I have a command from God
  8. Because I know God will supply all my needs
  9. Becasue I know if I don't it's Sin
  10. Because I know that God will say...Well done thy Good and Faithful Servant

Missions Conference 2008 is going great here at Victory Baptist Church. I thought this would help us all. Tonight was our International Dinner and Devotion before the Faith Promise tommorrow. Bro. David Lott brought this devotion. I hope we are all doing what God wants us to do concerning Missions.

In Prayer for His Will