Friday, June 14, 2013

Amen, Brother, Amen!

Many people say...
Why do you say Amen?  What does Amen mean?  Why do you teach your boys to say Amen?  You're just doing that for a show.  You just want people to think you're spiritual.

Let's start with What Amen means...
Amen is a Hebrew word that literally translates to 'so be it.'  It means I confirm, I agree, truthfully.  It does not mean 'the end'.  Many people think that because we end prayers with Amen.  However we are really affirming our dedication to God.  We are saying our prayer and then, so be it.

Why do you say Amen?  Or really Why does my husband?
What you'll really see me doing is nodding my head through different parts of the sermon.  My husband or other people say Amen to say, "I agree preacher!" Believe me it gets some head turns but all you are saying is, "so be it."  I have often heard my husband say Amen meaning more "I needed that" which is also a fine way to say Amen.  He may also say, "SAY ON! which means keep it up this is good.

Why do you teach your boys to say Amen?
Well the truth is...I want them to say Amen for the same reason their Daddy says Amen...When they agree with the preacher.  When a man of God stands and preaches the word, he often looks about and sees many frowns, but when a man says, AMEN! Then the preach knows "Preach On" The word is true and the people are in agreement.  I know my boys are really listening when I will hear a little "Amen"  from the front row.  They heard what the man of God said and agreed with it.  What more could I ask for than that my boys agree with The Word.

Your husband just does that for a show...
Well if you have ever said that, than you don't know my husband at all.  Sometimes he just says a quite Amen once or twice, but sometimes God really gets a hold of him.  During that time he may shout and wave a hand.  I know...(in church...mouth open wide).  He really does care about the word of God.  Believe it or not...One minute he will be at the table reading the Bible and the next we are in the middle of a shouting preaching service.  He will call us all over and say, "Look at this, Read it"  and he'll be shouting, "Amen." Then he'll say, "picture it, do you see it" and tell us what he sees.  And guess what no one is here but us.  People like my husband see the Bible like a huge broadway production in their head.  It comes alive and stirs him.  He loves history and visualizes it in a way I can only imagine.  I wish to see it sometimes the way he does. 

So, does he do it for a show, NO!  Does he mean, "SO BE IT!" yes.  Sometimes in my husbands case he means, "THAT EXCITING!"  So AMEN, BROTHER, AMEN!

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