Friday, September 26, 2008

Casey is Home from Iraq

I am so very excited. My brother is finally back on American soil. Even though he is stationed in Kentucky at least it is America. He is on leave right now. He started out at my sister's in Ohio, then headed home to see Mom. He came to our house this week. The week started off with a bang. His car broke down. Thank God we have a great man in our church we can trust to do a good job. The rest of the week went super. Tuesday he arrived and with the car and all we just relaxed. Wednesday we headed out to see The Train Museum, it was a blast.

Casey on the Train out West.

Of course my boys have always loved Uncle Casey so they are having the time of their little lives. After Allen got off, we went to The Range. Very exciting. I really wouldn't have thought so. I mean really those of you who know me, know better. But Casey wanted me to try and I really am trying to break out of my box. So...
And ladies if you are wondering, yes, it hurts when the gun kicks back. They said it might and it did. My arm hurt a lot, and left a tiny little bruise. I'll live and would do it again to have the fun of doing something new.

Casey he's a natural.

Allen and Casey are still boys at heart they were having so much fun. All the boys shot their BB gun. It was a real fun time. I won't add those pics because there are so many.
That night was church, Pastor thanked Casey for serving our Country and everyone stood and applauded him. There I stood the proudest sister ever. You have no idea what it is like to have Casey as your brother. He is compassionate, giving, shy, never brags on himself. Even when he talks of Iraq. He doesn't know why people are applauding him. "I really didn't do much." I am like what are you nuts. Unbelievable!! How can someone not see how great a thing they did. He is pretty great but then I am a little bias. I hope my boys have some of that compassion when they grow up.

Then Thursday we had a full day. First we headed to the Fort Sill Museums

Note to All parents... Take your kids to see this stuff, it is a real part of history. Check out your city and find out why it has it's name. Look for free museums about old jails, forts and all. My children love it and I'll bet yours will too, it beats a movie every time. When they look at me and say is this real...I love how their eyes light up when I say yes all this really happened. Some soldier, just like Uncle Casey, really slept here. Geronimo was really in prison here. This is a real plane WWII soldiers flew. Instead of after a movie saying no dinosaurs don't talk and didn't live millions of years ago. But walked with man. Which I plan to show them in Glenrose. Well enough "preaching". What Fun we had!

Then it was off to the Wichita Mountains. We always have fun there, my little rock climbers. Casey has never been and we knew he would like it.

Of Course always the funny guy.

Yet the handsome one too.

Not really sure if he'll ever come back. (HA HA) But we had fun. I miss him already.

P.S. Ruth is walking I know she is only 8 months (My Dad walked at 8 months). She took her first steps Tuesday evening Sept. 23 and Uncle Casey was here to see them. Hurray and Oh no my baby is changing too fast.
But she's not flying....
Oh and "Don't tell Mom", but this is Casey approaching a wild buffalo, and he is not at all afraid. Even though I am begging him to come back. All went well and he made fun of me for worrying.

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Lisa said...

Nice pics here. I've never been to The Train Museum and Wichita Mountain. I hope to see it one of these days. Little Ruthie is a cutie and I love seeing her walking. Only 8 months and she's already walking. My nephews walked when they were more than 12 months old.