Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something Terrible Happened

Okay that is a scary, overwelming title, but I am seriously concerned for our children. Remember when mom's were teaching kids to do the right thing. I mean back when movies were black and white. The used to say dad's teach them to be men and mom's teach them right from wrong, how to be polite and considerate. I get that this was the fifties but have mom's just quit. When did they quit?

Alright, my sister and I went to the movies yesterday. It is a summer movie thing for kids, they show older kid movies at 1.00 a show. So we were really excited, we don't get together much and we looked forward to having fun and taking the kids somewhere.

Here's the scene, the movie theather is pretty packed at 20 minutes till the movie starts, (all women and kids) in walks a mom with three children. (one is in a wheelchair) She begins to look about, this movie theater has about 8 seats made for handicap, all the seats are taken. NOT ONE PERSON IN THE AREA IS HANDICAP !!!! They all see her, they all know she is there, she walks back and forth. The usher asks if anyone will move, NO is the answer. Now I begin to get upset. I take Kendrick potty I come back there she stands by the door. I said casually can't find a seat, I'll ask one of these people to move. She says the usher has asked. So I go to my seat. ( I should have reacted here. ) My sister and I begin to discuss the matter. Then something worse happens she spills her popcorn and is crying. Crying people because when she went to the theater with her children and their are handicap seats and no other handicap children NO ONE WILL MOVE. In fact one lady in the seats said if she wanted good seats she should have gotten here earlier. EARLIER. We have three seats in our row. So we decide to move down give her the seats on the end and carry the wheelchair up. Another mom the moving also, me and one other lady we don't know. She again asks if anyone will move. NO ONE MOVES. OFCOURSE THEY HAVE ALREADY STATED SHE SHOULDS HAVE GOTTEN THEIR EARLIER WITH HER HANDICAP CHILD!!!! These seats a reserved people. RESERVED!!! Do MOM's know what that mean. I mean these weren't dad's (although my hubby would have embrassed someone into moving, I wish I was so brave.) The usher is back she has found seat next door. The usher then says, "Maybe next time you should try to be alittle earlier." OH MY GOD!! WHAT DID SHE SAY? that's right people she didn't make the people move out of the reserved seats she told the mom with a handicap child to get ready faster, get there earlier, sit there longer so she can sit in seats reserved for the handicap. God help America!!! I said "If you park in handicap you get a ticket. You should aleast be made to move if the seats are clearly reserved. My sister decided we will get there early and stand gaurd over the seats. with large signs. I dare a person to try to seat in those seats. My husband has agreed to come stand gaurd and make sure noone tries. To all those WOMEN that's right WOMEN not LADIES (THERE IS A DIFFERENCE) who are teaching your child not to care for anyone but there selffish, self serving brat of a self. GOOD JOB you taught a great lesson yesterday.

What does this sign mean?

I get that this is a rant. But I thought MOM's knew better. I really thought we were above the rest in our standard of how to teach people. Shame, Shame and woe to us.

Upset with Selffish Moms,



Krista Leal Mom To Levi said...

OMGoodness!! I can't believe I found you!!! Oh You were amazing, Thank you so much! It is so wonderful to know that after all the things we have learned having a disabled child, not everyone is bad, not everyone has rude comments to say. There are women like you! Thank you a million times. I would love to be able to contact you! Can't wait to hear from you! Krista

Cassandra said...

I have been following this story on Cafemom and just finished watching the video. One of the things that made me mad was that at the very end the reporter said "Cinemark suggests that you call ahead to have the seats reserved" That is BS!! Those are handicapped seats and should be reserved for handicapped patrons. It is a scary time in our world when there are mothers raising their children to be selfish and uncaring. Good for you for getting Krista's message out there.

Johnny said...

Hey Alicia,
I know you wanted to go say something so bad, if I had been there we would have probably been in jail together, but those kids would have had their seats even if I had to call the police to ask what the law says about them being taken by healthy kids, we get tickets for parkin in a handicap park, so why would should this be different. your Long time friend, Dianah