Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Well I know that this is alittle late but it is still fresh to me. First thing we did out of the hospital was put up the tree donated by the Turners and fill it with presents donated by many, and they keep coming until Christmas eve at 10 pm.

Then on a warm winters night in Texas a large family gathered for family and fun. We started cooking bright and early and had a blast, and the kids played outside. Then we all sat down for a beautiful dinner. After dinner we had Hot Cocoa and heard the real Christmas Story. Then we headed for bed, well the kids did we still had a bit to do. The presents were piled high and we had a big Christmas Day planned.

Then we awoke to a tree full of gifts. The kids all walked into the living room and it was crazy fun from that point on. We took lots of pcs and they are all I have except Thank you so much everyone.

Once all the fun was over and I have a surprise for later so keep reading. We headed to Dad's and had a great time with Papa and then we headed to Aunt Lana's for a huge family celebration. We had food, gifts, pictures and so much fun. Then the kids all took a ride on papa's motorcycle. I am not sure if you all know this but Kendrick loves his Papa so much and his motorcycle is exactly like the one Kendrick is going to buy when he grows up. Oh and he is buying ame a purple one. (HA HA)

Oh I know I promised a surprise. After Aunt Lana's Kendrick was so tired that we decided to let him go to bed. And then we cleaned up alittle and settled in to relax. The oddest thing happened we got up the next day to more presents under the tree, it was full again. Okay you got it our children had so much given to then we had two Christmas' (I know crazy) So we did it again the kids loved it. Wow! Praise god for all our friends and strangers who felt like the Lord wanted them to give to us. So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. THANK YOU!!!!

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Melissa said...

I am so happy that you had such a wonderful Christmas! Love ya