Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Time at Cooks

Christmas time at Cooks is wild, activities everyday and I thank God Kendrick was able to go to some of them. Some of the babies (and I use that word liberally like he will always be my baby no matter the age) couldn't go see any of the activities. We took the family picture you see just days before the brain surgery.

The Cowboys came... In this picture, I should explain why Kendrick is not in it but he is right behind us. Tony Romo and Pacman Jones came all the way back to our Room in the PICU just to take a picture with Kendrick, because we missed them the first time around. After coming all the way back when asked to say Hi to the Cowboys Kendrick turned over and put his bottom in the air, so we had a little laugh and then they offered to take a pic with us. They may not be perfect(what boys are) but they came back for my baby and that ranks high to me. Oh I forgot they came back even when the one leading them around said they didn't have time, Tony Romo said we'll make time. Go Tony and I don't even care about football. the Mavericks 'Dirk Nowinski' came...the Rangers came, the Zoo came, and their where crafts almost everyday. We got to go outside and see the Christmas show and fireworks with family all around us. Santa came and everyone loved that.

Especially Dad and Allen.

We even made the paper, when the Zoo came. Here are a few more pics of the month...

I love pics of my men all walking it changes often and always looks liek a new memory to me.

Me and My Man a few days before the surgery

My Sister Michelle came it was great to have her with me during what felt like the darkest time, I miss her so much during all the dark times and daily.

My girls, matching clothes, cute smiles, loving those baby kisses.

We did so much during this month that catching up would be in possible, so this part is just an over view of December it was spent in the hospital but full of fun and love, surround by those we love and those who love us.

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