Monday, February 2, 2009

Ruth Turns 1!!! Happy Birthday!!!

On to January 2009, we spent the new year in the hospital. We got to see the watch night service on the live internet but turned in early. When we got out it was just about time for Ruthie to turn one. We planned a fun, but hasty party. I bought almost everything at the party store. At the last minute Mom and I meet at Walmart, we almost had it all. Walmart messed up the cake. So mom headed home and I waited while they messed up the cake again. They kept smashing it with the box. What a mess. My best friend Toni and her children drove up for the party. I tell you what it is so wonderful to have a friend who knows you and stands by you all the way. The Vinson Family are always there for us, no matter the miles or time of day. We get calls from them just to say they are thinking of us. I praise God for good Godly friends we can count on. I praise God for all those praying for us.

Back to the will never guess the guess...if you need it...okay...Princess... so here are the pics

Ruth was adorable, she finally did something girly she wouldn't get her hands dirty and eat the cake, I was like this is when you get to make a mess. Mrs. Toni was sure it had something to do with the cake being vanilla and not chocolate. You see it is Toni's job to make sure Ruth loves chocolate. So we got the chocolate cake. Still nothing, so Daddy got a handful of cake and smashed it in Mommy's and Ruth's face. HA HA Luckily I had to birthday dresses. I changed her on the table and all the kids played while we visited. Looking back I rememeber the birth of all my angels. They are all so big. I miss those newborn cuddle days. It was a great day.


Lisa said...

Happy birthday to Ruth! How time flies. We would have drove over to attend the party but they haven't made a car yet that drives on water, he-he! But we're still your friends and we still think and pray for all of you guys.

Lisa and George
My Online Journal

Melissa said...

I can't believe she is one:) Thanks for sharing her pics:)

Anonymous said...

yay!! i'm glad little ruthie had a great birthday...that cake looks yummy! always praying!