Thursday, October 11, 2007

Worker's Banquet

You may recall I mentioned a banquet it my last blog. Well we had it. It was great. After alot of planning and worrying about this and that it was super and everyone had a great time. Our church is all fired up about the future. We (the boys and I) spent two full days decorating

and I have to say it was worth it. The boys did super they helped with the tables, held up decorations so I could get them in place. They were all big helpers. Even Cheyenne helped (by staying calm and content). We are also glad that is over (lots of work) The night of the banquet was a blast.

We had Skits,

Our skit "Port a Pulpit" went great.

Port a Pulpit is a ministry where we bring church to you.

My husband is very funny and the other guys weren't bad either.
Here is one man at home on a sunday trying to get some sleep.

Here Bro. Allen and another man have come "Port a Pulpit" to his home to have church.

You see the man unwillingly pray about his sins.

All in good fun of course we don't really have this ministry.
Of course all good banquets have excellent food


And lots of fellowship. All in all I have to say we had a great time and I can't wait till Missions Conference. Well off to the races again.

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