Thursday, October 11, 2007

All about us

Well I thought I would start this blog and see what happens. Although I can agree my life is not all that interesting to the average person but it is my life and a little nuts (all the time). We are homeschooling, very busy at church and not to mention we have 5 children under 8 and one on the way. Yes, we know how it happens. No, you can't touch my stomach. Yes, my hands sure are full. Yes, I sure am busy. Yes, we have a TV. Yes. Yes. Yes. We are very HAPPY. No, I don't know why you can't take two to the store and I take 5 almost daily. Yes, of course I stay home. Yes, I really want to. Yes, they drive me nuts. Especially the big one that calls me Wifey. Thank you, they are well behaved. Well if I think of the answers to anymore cliques (I am so tired of hearing), I'll add them later.

We are your average American family. My husband goes to work each day and I stay home with the little ones. School starts bright and early and we almost always get it done by 2 pm. Then we are off to the races to clean up the house and get out of here for errands and appointments. Sometime around really late we fall into bed and will start again tomorrow.

We just adopted our daughter she is wonderful. Yes I had the other ones. Yes they really are all ours. I realize she has blond hair and blue eyes but stop looking at me that way. She's his too!! (just adopted). Christopher is in 3rd, Nathaniel is in 1st, Benjamin is in K. Kendrick is not old enough but had to have a desk and is learning alot. Cheyenne is the baby and I really don't see her giving up that spot for our new addition. Well have to see how it goes in January. Well school must begin in 30 minutes and we have a banquet to prepare for. Let's see how this goes.

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Melissa said...

I know you get tired of all those questions but we just wonder how you do it! You realy are super mom and all of your kids are suoer lucky to have you as their mommy!