Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am so Proud...

of me, this new layout you see is just down right stubborn, I can do, all by myself Johnston attitude you see. Over the last 3 days I taught myself to make a layout. Wow, it was hard, frustrating, and completely rewarding. I love to learn new things. And even more I love to learn them all by myself. HURRAY.

Well, if you noticed the new layout then you see I am at it again. I am not going to back tract and try to catch up. I may at some point mention some of our fun filled days of 2009. Now is not that started today at Heritage Christian Home school. We have added a student this year...Kendrick Donavan Little. We are so very excited that he is able to join us for Kindergarten.

Tomorrow I will post about Day One.

Today however I will list the curriculum we have gone with...

Stevenson Learning Skills for Christopher who has severe dyslexia. I will have to let you now how it goes.

Rod and Staff for Math, English, Reading Nathaniel, Benjamin, and Christopher's Math

AOP for Kindergarten...I used Abeka last year for this and I have decided I like easy going Kindergarten and lots of crafts and fun.

Abeka for Art

My Father's World for Bible, Science, History
I am most excited about this curriculum, it looks to be fun and exciting. Tomorrow you will see pics of the timeline and all for school. I am glad I listened to my home school friends and looked at the program.
(We are and always will be a King James 1611 Bible family, so I threw out the children's bible they sent and we are using out KJV Bible)

Well as I stated we have started school and are having fun. I look forward to blogging more about my family.

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Hearts And Home said...

You will love my father's world. I used it long ago with all three. Enjoy the new school year!