Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Baby

I know it took me a while to do this but,

We have a brand new baby. Hurray!!! She was born January 7, 2007. We gave her my sister's name which is also my great grandmother's name. We gave her the name because she shares her birthday with my sister. We also gave her my great Aunt Ruth's name. I always new if God gave me a girl I would name her after my great Aunt Ruth. She practically raised my Dad and I remember spending alot of time at her house as a child. So we have a chain. Ruth Abigail-Lola Little Yes, she is our second girl but our first came with a name and it is a good name so we kept it. She will always know her roots.

The boys are in love. I named the baby yet she is still called "new baby". Mommy new baby is crying. Mommy new baby is hungry. "New Baby" I like it. It reminds me of their ages. They are all really babies still. I hope they like her this much when she is older. In fact I am counting on them taking care of Chy and Ruth when it comes to boys coming around them at school and other places their daddy my not be. The Protecters of their sisters. Well she is growing and changing already and I already miss that feeling you have when they first lay that new baby on your stomach. Like "Oh God this is mine, all mine and I love her." Nobody panic, I do still remember what was happening right before that and have no plans to do that again.

Her Daddy can't get enough of her. Well both girls he is overwelmed with joy. We all are...we never thought we would have a girl. And in two short years the Lord has given us two. Amazing.


Melissa said...

She is so beautiful. I am so happy for you and Allen. You have a precious and loving family. I love all of you:)

Dianthe said...

Thanks for writing this.